December 22, 2023

Pennsylvania AG Solicits Anonymous Complaints Targeting Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry (D)
Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry announced that her office is soliciting anonymous complaints in an attempt to discredit pregnancy resource centers and justify future legal action against them.

A press release from Henry's office announcing the anonymous report form insisted that “many” crisis pregnancy centers “are not staffed by licensed medical professionals and therefore cannot provide medical care.” Further, she suggested that crisis pregnancy centers do not protect patients' private medical data.

Henry's actions are part of a growing pattern among pro-abortion politicians. Many are now seeking to close crisis pregnancy centers for providing "misinformation" or allegedly posing as abortion businesses. This has become clear to Illinoisans due to SB1909 (which was thankfully blocked by the courts). Other state attorneys general are also targeting pro-life charities for their beliefs, including California, New Jersey, and Washington.

Crisis pregnancy centers are charitable organizations that provide free services in an attempt to help mothers keep their unborn children despite difficult pregnancies. In addition to ultrasounds, STI tests, and education, many crisis pregnancy centers offer resources like diapers, food, housing assistance, or career assistance.

“The Shapiro administration's website prompting complaints against pregnancy centers through examples is concerning, and smacks of suggestion and manipulation,” said Heartbeat International President of Ministry Services Tracie Shellhouse. “This tactic can influence submissions, risks steering the narrative in a prejudiced direction, undermines the objectivity and fairness of any assessment, and more importantly, makes way for false claims and reviews which has been a well-used tactic of those who are pro-abortion to undermine, and skew public opinion of the selfless service provided by pregnancy help organizations to women and their communities.”

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