September 1, 2023

"Dr. Death" Euthanasia Org Approved for Non-Profit Status

Americans can now give tax-deductible donations to fund the creation of Philip "Dr. Death" Nitschke's suicide machines.

Nitschke is an Australian assisted suicide activist known for developing machines that perform euthanasia. Nietchke's projects include a "death switch" to be implanted in the bodies of those with dementia, an AI tool that would determine a person's "mental capacity" to choose suicide, and the 3-D printed "Sarco" machine.

Sarco (based on sarcophagus) is a coffin-sized machine that an assisted suicide victim would lay inside. After the person is sealed inside the Sarco, it would fill with nitrogen gas. This would cause the victim to pass out. Then, the machine drops the interior oxygen levels to zero. The person inside asphyxiates. Afterward, to save on cost, the device can serve as the victim's burial coffin.

Nitschke's primary organization, Exit International, even entices foreigners to travel to Switzerland to be killed.

By virtue of granting 501-(c)3 non-profit status to his spinoff organization, Exit Generation, Americans can get tax deductions to fund the killing of vulnerable adults. Those who suffer from chronic illness or depression deserve compassion, not death.