May 8, 2023

Montana Gov. Signs Pro-Life Bills

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R)
On May 3, Montana Gov Greg Gianforte signed several pro-life bills into law. He promised to sign five more when they reach his desk.

The legislation signed by Gianforte includes:
  • the Infant Care and Safety Act, which provides legal protections for children born alive during attempted abortions. The law reinforces protections for children born during attempted abortions by requiring medical professionals to provide the same level of care that would be provided to other children born at the same gestational age. This legislation protects abortion survivors from being left to die if they are born alive during attempted abortions.
  • legislation prohibiting abortion after 24 weeks gestation. It contains an exception for instances when the mother's life is in danger.
  • legislation requiring abortion businesses to report adverse events that occur during the use of abortion pills. The federal government only requires abortion businesses to report fatal adverse events.
  • legislation reinforcing conscience protections for medical professionals. These protections make sure medical professionals have the right to refuse to perform abortions or prescribe certain kinds of drugs.
  • legislation preventing state tax dollars from being used to fund elective abortions.
“This package of pro-family, pro-child, pro-life bills will make a lasting difference in Montana,” Gianforte said. “We couldn’t have done it alone, and I just want to thank the thousands of Montanans throughout the state who made their voices heard and made today possible.”