May 11, 2023

Maryland Gov Signs Pro-Abortion Bills

Maryland Gov Wes Moore (D)
On May 3, Maryland Gov Wes Moore (D) signed a slew of pro-abortion bills into law. One of these advanced a proposed state constitutional amendment creating a right to abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

House Bill 705 will put a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot. If voters approve it, it would create a “fundamental right to reproductive freedom.” This right would apply through all stages of pregnancy.

Senate Bill 859 protects abortionists from penalties imposed by states with pro-life laws. If an abortionist flees to Maryland after breaking pro-life laws in another state, Maryland officials are prohibited from cooperating with the other state's investigation. Illinois passed a similar law during the lame-duck session in January.

Senate Bill 341 requires public universities to develop and implement a “reproductive health services plan.” This will likely involve taxpayer-funded abortion.

Senate Bill 786 prevents information about an abortion from entering public health records, health information exchanges, and electronic health networks. This legislation could put women's health at risk. Doctors may need medical history to help diagnose current health issues and determine what care to provide. That becomes difficult if information related to a prior abortion and any complications are withheld from medical records.

“It is clear that the public policy in Maryland views abortion as the only possible response to an unplanned pregnancy,” said Assistant House Minority Leader Delegate April Rose. “...There are many women who carry unplanned pregnancies to term, and they should get as much support from the state to access perinatal care, childcare, and even adoption services if they so desire. The types of policies this state is adopting not only support abortion but encourage it. As someone who was fortunate enough to be adopted by a loving family, I truly hope Maryland can focus on ways to support these mothers and the lives of their unborn babies.”