May 4, 2023

Kansas Legislators Override Pro-Abortion Governor's Vetoes

Three pro-life bills in Kansas were passed into law last week after legislators voted to override pro-abortion Gov. Laura Kelly's vetoes.

Kansas House Bill 2313, House Bill 2325, and House Bill 2264 will protect abortion survivors from medical neglect, prevent taxpayer dollars from supporting abortion, and require abortionists to inform women about abortion pill reversal.

House Bill 2313 requires medical professionals to treat children born alive after attempted abortions the same as any other children born at the same gestational age.

House Bill 2325 prohibits abortion businesses from buying liability insurance from a state fund.

House Bill 2264 requires abortion businesses to inform women about abortion pill reversal as part of the process for prescribing abortion pills. If a pregnant mother changes her mind after taking the abortion drug mifepristone, abortion pill reversal can save her child's life.