May 1, 2023

Des Plaines Abortion Clinic Waits Five Hours to Call 911 for Hemorrhaging Patient

American Women's Medical Center in Des Plaines, IL
911 records obtained by Operation Rescue revealed yet another medical emergency caused by American Women's Medical Center in Des Plaines, Illinois. On October 7, 2022, the facility waited five hours to call for an ambulance after an abortion caused a 30-year-old patient to hemorrhage.

This is the same abortion clinic that nearly killed a patient by overdosing her on Fentanyl two months ago.

In the October 7 emergency, a clinic employee called 911 shortly before 3pm to request an ambulance. She told the 911 dispatcher that the hemorrhaging patient started bleeding after having an abortion at 10am, nearly five hours earlier.

Hemorrhaging is a common complication of both surgical and drug-induced abortions. If left untreated, blood loss from hemorrhaging can result in death.

When the dispatcher asked the employee if there was any medical staff with the patient, she responded, "She doesn't have any medical issue but, she is uh, her ninth pregnancy."

The dispatch report says that the first ambulance experienced a mechanical failure before it reached the patient. Emergency personnel had to dispatch a second ambulance before they could retrieve the bleeding patient.

“The odds seemed to have been stacked against this woman,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “First, the abortionist delayed calling 911 for emergency medical assistance for five long hours as this woman lay there hemorrhaging – a condition that could be life-threatening. Then, the ambulance stalled on the way.

“We pray she survived the events of that terrible day and that the experience will open her eyes to the truth of what she has done – perhaps multiple times. May she call on God’s mercy and forgiveness and begin to live a life that honors Him.”