April 27, 2023

Des Plaines Abortion Clinic Nearly Kills Patient by Fentanyl Overdose

American Women's Medical Center in Des Plaines, IL
On February 20, A 34-year-old patient nearly died after an abortion clinic in Des Plaines, Illinois overdosed the patient on Fentanyl and Versed.

The incident occurred at the American Women's Medical Center in Des Plaines. Chilling audio from a 911 call obtained by Operation Rescue captures the moment when the patient stopped breathing.

You can listen to a recording of the 911 call here.

The abortionist, Dr. Cheryl Chastine, spoke with the 911 operator on speaker phone to explain the situation. "Ok, I have a patient that I gave fentanyl and Versed [a generic name for the drug midazolam] to who is... we are trying to reverse those things right now. Respiratory status has been pretty questionable. She is actually coming around trying to breathe on her own."

Chastine went on to say that her oxygen levels were at 83%, a level that would eventually cause brain damage if not raised. She asked that the 911 operator stay on the line in case the situation worsened.

Shortly afterward, Chastine told the 911 operator that the patient stopped breathing, and she began administering rescue breaths.

Background chatter in the recording suggests that the clinic administered Narcan at this time. Narcan is a drug used to counteract the effects of Fentanyl after an overdose. Emergency personnel often carry Narcan to save drug addicts who overdose when taking Fentanyl recreationally. In this case, the overdose was caused by Chastine and the abortion clinic.