March 6, 2023

Woman Sedated by Chicago Abortion Clinic Hospitalized Because She Couldn't Wake up

Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Chicago Illinois called 911 on Dec. 6, 2022 when one of its sedated patients would not wake up.

The 35-year-old woman was sedated with the drug propofol for a surgical abortion.

911 records, including a dispatch report and recording of the 911 call, were provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League. Operation Rescue is known for documenting medical emergencies caused by abortion businesses.

During the 911 call, a nurse tells the dispatcher that 40 minutes had passed since the abortion, and the patient still would not wake up.

Since 2018, Operation Rescue has documented 17 medical emergencies caused by Family Planning Associates in Chicago. The organization has also documented several malpractice lawsuits filed against the abortion business. Records of these emergencies and lawsuits can be found here.