January 24, 2023

Illinois Woman Tells Story of Abortion Survival

An Illinois woman named Jennifer Milbourn recently spoke with Live Action News to tell the story of how she survived an attempted abortion.

Jennifer's adoptive mother told her the story at age 19. Jennifer's birth mother (her adoptive mother's younger sister) showed up at her adoptive mother's home. She asked to be taken to the abortion clinic. The adoptive mother tried to convince her sister not to abort; even offering to adopt the baby. Jennifer's birth mother refused, saying it would make her too uncomfortable. The sisters went to the abortion clinic together, but Jennifer survived the attempt on her life. Only after this event did the birth mother allow her younger sister to adopt Jennifer.

“It was a vacuum aspiration procedure,” Jennifer told Live Action News, “which is the vacuum tube that will suck the baby out. My head was gestationally larger than the abortionist was expecting, which more than likely meant my birth mom had told them that she wasn’t as far along as she was. Basically, they started the procedure, [but] my head was too big to go into the tube. They stopped the procedure and said, ‘More than likely you’ll miscarry because there’s been a hole in the embryonic sac. Go home and you’ll just miscarry.’ But lo and behold, everything was fine.”

Jennifer told Live Action News that her mother's life had been difficult in a lot of ways. She suffered from alcoholism, and there were rumors of other abortions before Jennifer's conception. Jennifer said that her birth mother fell for the lie that abortion is health care, and she did not realize that she was carrying a human life with inherent value. Jennifer never spoke with her birth mother about the abortion before she died, but Jennifer did forgive her.

Jennifer is now a member of the Abortion Survivors Network, a group of over 650 people who survived abortion and tell their stories to help the pro-life cause. “I was really grateful because I couldn’t sit there and say that I was alone anymore in that,” she told Live Action News.

It is unclear how many children survive abortion. There are no federal reporting requirements. A recent report from Florida indicated that eight children survived abortions in that state during the year 2022.