January 10, 2023

IL HB 5188 would Mandate Sex-Ed Standards Promoting Abortion as a "pregnancy option"

Pro-abortion politicians are pushing HB5188 to mandate sex education standards for public schools that would, among other things, promote abortion as a "pregnancy option."

Much like SB3799 and HB4664, HB5188 is a "shell bill." The current content as a bill is being pushed through an amendment that replaces all of the bill's original language.

The new language of HB5188 would require all public schools to adopt the "National Sex Education Standards" published by the Future of Sex Education (FoSE). Currently, Illinois law allows schools to opt out of these standards. The standards push ideologies related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and pregnancy (including abortion). FoSE standards list specific sex-ed requirements to be met by public schools at each grade level.

The mandated standards would explicitly require students to identify abortion as a "pregnancy option" in eighth grade. It also teaches "all pregnant young people to have decision-making power in their reproductive health decisions." As early as 2nd grade, the curriculum normalizes nonmarital sexual relationships by teaching students to define cohabitation as a valid "type of family."

By first normalizing non-committed sexual relationships and then validating abortion as a morally acceptable choice, Illinois public school curriculums would teach children to accept casual sex and reject the humanity of the unborn.