November 8, 2022

Pritzker Announces Free Abortions for Incarcerated Women

Governor Pritzker's administration has pledged to offer taxpayer-funded abortions to women in Illinois prisons. Additionally, taxpayer funds will reimburse the abortion costs for any incarcerated women who paid for their own abortions while they were in prison.

This news comes from a statement made by Illinois Department of Corrections Naomi Puzello. “Moving forward, abortion procedures and their associated expenses will not be covered by incarcerated women,” she wrote. Those who previously paid for expenses will be reimbursed.”

The policy change was made after WBEZ published an investigation showing that inmates had to pay for their own abortions. Facing criticism for the policy, the Pritzker administration quickly apologized and issued the change. “We recognize that this policy likely caused additional trauma, and we sincerely apologize for any additional harm it created.”

Pro-abortion organizations applauded the Pritzker administration for their commitment to funnel even more money toward abortion businesses.

“With access to abortion care under attack across the nation, Illinois should ensure that every person in need of abortion care, including those in the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections, has unfettered access to this critical health care,” said Emily Hirsch, a legal fellow at the ACLU of Illinois. “We applaud the Governor’s Office for taking an important step toward that goal.”

Not only does abortion actively not qualify as health care (since abortion alone does not improve the health of a mother or her unborn child), but this new policy pressures incarcerated women to choose abortion. No initiative was announced to assist incarcerated women who want to respect a child's right to life by carrying them to term and giving birth. The Pritzker administration's new financial incentive for incarcerated women to choose abortion will create pressure for women to women to select that option.