October 24, 2022

Man Who Shot Michigan Pro-Lifer Set to go to Trial

On October 19, a Michigan judge determined that there was enough evidence to send Richard Harvey to trial for shooting 84-year-old Joan Jacobsen while she was canvassing against Michigan Proposal 3 (a constitutional amendment that would legalize unlimited abortion in the state).

Judge Raymont Voet bound Harvey for trial on all charges levied against him.

“It’s clear to me that Mr. Harvey did fire a warning shot to send a message to Ms. Jacobsen, and then he also shot her,” Judge Voet said according to a local report. “Thankfully he didn’t kill or paralyze her considering how close it was to her spine. We’re lucky that no one was more seriously hurt.”

Richard and his wife, Sharon are abortion supporters. When Jacobsen came to the door to canvass against Michigan Proposal 3, an argument sparked. Eventually, Sharon asked Jacobsen to leave the property. Jacobsen took steps down the Harveys' porch toward her car, but Sharon followed her down the steps. Jacobsen turned to tell Sharon to stop following, and their argument continued.

During this time, Richard emerged with a gun. He fired two shots, one warning shot toward a tree, and another shot that he claims was fired by mistake. This shot went through Jacobsen's shoulder and out her back. In fear for her life, Jacobsen fled to her car and drove herself to a police station. From there, she was transported to a hospital.

The Harveys called 911 after Jacobsen left, but not because Jacobsen required medical attention. Sharon told the operator that Jacobsen "needs to be arrested" for asking Sharon to sign a petition, not leaving the property quickly enough, and driving over the grass on her property (the latter of which likely happened after she was shot).

On that same call, Richard said, “I didn’t shoot her on purpose. She was a right-wing nut. I’m sorry I shot her.”