August 19, 2022

City of Nashville, Tennessee Now Requires Businesses Seeking Grants and Tax Breaks to Report Whether they Pay for Abortion Travel

The joint government from Nashville, Tennessee and Davidson County signed an ordinance Wednesday creating a new hurdle for businesses seeking grants or tax relief. This comes as Tennessee's trigger law banning abortion is set to take effect on August 25.

A business seeking grants or tax relief from Nashville or Davidson County will now be required to “report whether it provides its employees with benefits that include covering the cost of transportation, accommodations, and other related costs when necessary to obtain medical treatment not otherwise available in the employee’s home state…[which] would include reproductive healthcare treatment such as abortion.”

The resolution includes a declaration by members of the council. It states,

"The Metropolitan Council supports the right to abortion access previously established under Roe v. Wade and finds that restrictions upon reproductive rights and private healthcare decisions threaten the safety and wellbeing of the residents of Nashville and Davidson County, particularly for women unable to travel to neighboring jurisdictions where abortion care is safe and legal..."

Actions such as this by local governments and businesses circumvent the laws of pro-life states and further enable abortion businesses in states where abortion is legal to exploit disadvantaged women across state borders. Once Tennessee's trigger law takes effect, Illinois will be a primary location for abortion-seeking women from places like Nashville.