May 25, 2022

Flossmoor, IL Planned Parenthood Downplays Medical Emergency

The Planned Parenthood facility in Flossmoor, IL called 911 on April 28 to request an ambulance for a patient having an allergic reaction to abortion drugs. The employee who called 911 originally downplayed the severity of the patient's reaction; later requiring the correction of a nurse. Operation Rescue obtained emergency records of the incident.

“We just need a transfer. We have a stable patient, 20 years old,” the first staffer said. “She [is] having an allergic reaction. And we just want her to get further evaluation.”

The young patient was suspected to have an allergic reaction to Misoprostol. Misoprostol is the second drug used during the abortion pill regimen. The first drug, Mifepristone, kills the child by blocking the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the child. Misoprostol is used afterward to induce labor, thereby causing the mother to expel the dead child from her womb.

The first staffer who spoke in the 911 call told the dispatcher that the patient was breathing normally, alert, oriented, stable, and conscious. She reiterated that the patient only needed a hospital transfer so she could get further evaluation. A nurse who later spoke with the dispatcher told a different story.

When the nurse spoke, she told the dispatcher that the patient was given an IV, Benadryl, and Excedrin. She also said, “And she’s not getting better. Uh, kind of, she’s getting worse. So that’s why we need you to take her to the hospital.”

“This late-term abortion business has demonstrated reckless failure to take proper emergency action for women experiencing dangerous complications,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. “It appears that minimizing or hiding the seriousness of its emergencies to protect its reputation has become commonplace.”

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