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April 25, 2022

Judge Temporarily Blocks New Kentucky Pro-Life Law

On Thursday, April 21, US District Judge Rebecca Grady Jennings issued a temporary restraining order blocking Kentucky from enforcing its new multi-faceted pro-life law.

The order does not rule on the law's constitutionality. It simply prevents Kentucky from enforcing the law while Jennings considers arguments. The order will expire after two weeks, but Jennings could issue a preliminary injunction blocking the law before then.

This law regulates abortion pills, creates certification requirements for abortion businesses, requires the cremation or burial of aborted children, and prohibits abortion after 15 weeks. It also takes steps to stop taxpayer funding of abortion, and it updates existing laws regarding parental consent and abortion reporting requirements.

“We are disappointed that the court chose to temporarily halt enforcement of the entire law.  This law is constitutional, and we look forward to continuing to defend it,” said Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.