December 22, 2021

Video Shows Young Woman Being Forced into Abortion Clinic by Abusive Ex

screenshot from Students for Life Instagram
A viral video on Instagram showed a young woman being pulled by her ex in an attempt to force her into an abortion business.

The video was taken by an onlooker who recorded the incident from an apartment window above the sidewalk. "We're not together," the man is heard yelling at the woman. “I don’t want this kid by you. You’re not keeping this kid!”

The onlookers at the window just laugh at the scene as it unfolds, even though they come to the same conclusion that viewers did. “She’s pregnant. He’s trying to take her to get an abortion,” one of them is heard saying.

It is unclear whether the woman in the video was forced into the clinic, or if she was able to escape her abuser.

This kind of abuse and coercion is exactly what the Parental Notice of Abortion Act protected minors from. Rapists, abusive partners, and sex traffickers often force pregnant women (including minors) into abortions to hide their actions.