December 23, 2021

New Report Shows how Planned Parenthood Spent its $1.6 Billion Revenue in 2020

Photo credit: American Life League / Flickr
The American Life League released a new report on Planned Parenthood's spending during the year 2020. Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of dollars each year through taxpayer spending, and this report sheds some light on how those dollars are spent.

“As the summary graph illustrates, from 2011 to 2020 the annual average compensation received by the CEOs has risen from $159,000 to $300,000,” the report states. “Each year we are struck by the tremendous amount of cash one can earn in the United States by directing the local operations of an organization that admits it runs the largest abortion chain in the nation and demands that every affiliate MUST have at least one facility that terminates the lives of preborn human beings.”

The report showed that Planned Parenthood Federation of America and all of its affiliates combined have an annual income of $1.6 billion. This number includes the $618 million from taxpayers. Because the federal government recognizes Planned Parenthood and its affiliates as 501(c)3 charitable organizations, they do not pay taxes on this income (even though it is millions of dollars in excess of their expenses).

Despite all of this, Planned Parenthood seeks even more government funding from state and federal governments.

Click here to read the American Life League's report.