December 28, 2021

Indiana High School Student Files Lawsuit After School Disbands Pro-Life Club

Youth attending March for Life 2015
photo credit: American Life League / Flickr
A student at Noblesville High School in Indiana is filing a lawsuit against the school and her school district after administrators disbanded her club, Noblesville Students for Life.

The school principal had given approval for the club in August, but the administration changed its mind a few weeks later in response to one of the club's fliers. The flier showed an image of people holding pro-life signs with the messages “Defund Planned Parenthood” and “I am the pro-life generation.”

The assistant principal told the club that its flier was not allowed. Students were reportedly told that they could only list the group's name and where they were meeting.

The student filing the lawsuit, referred to as "E.D." in the text of the lawsuit, was then instructed to meet with a dean about the club's flier. E.D. and her mother met the dean together, but the school responded by accusing E.D.'s mother of leading the group. “At this point, I am not confident that this club is a student-driven club and therefore am removing the club’s approval to meet in school,” the principal wrote in an email. He accused the fliers of being too political and disrupting the school environment.

In a statement to Students for Life of America, E.D. accuses her teachers of attacking her online with defamatory statements.

“I wanted to start this club to inspire like-minded students to advocate for our most vulnerable and point students to resources designed to uplift them in their time of need. I knew some people would disagree with me, but I never expected to be attacked online—especially by my teachers,” E.D. said.