November 16, 2021

Man Charged with Manslaughter for Attacking a Nurse and Killing her Preborn Baby

Joseph Wuerz
photo credit: Seminole County Sherrif's Department
After a nurse was assaulted by a patient in a Florida hospital, the patient is being charged with manslaughter for the death of her preborn baby.

Medscape reported that Marcie Marc was attacked on October 30 by 53-year-old Joseph Wuerz, who had a history of domestic violence. She was administering medication to a screaming patient when he entered the room. Marc told police that Wuerz shoved her against the wall and attempted to kick her. After hospital employees separated her from the attacker, she went to receive medical treatment. Unfortunately, her healthy child was killed in the attack.

Wuerz was jailed and charged with “manslaughter for injuring a mother and killing an unborn child; aggravated battery of a pregnant woman; and aggravated battery of a medical worker.”

Only 38 of the 50 states have fetal homicide laws to provide justice when an unborn child is killed. Those states do include both Florida and Illinois.

LiveAction has reported on testimony from Planned Parenthood arguing against such laws, however. Fetal homicide laws create the logical connection that unborn babies are human beings that deserve legal protection.