November 5, 2021

European Abortionist Sends Abortion Pills from India to Texas Women

Netherland abortionist Rebecca Gomperts has vowed to continue sending abortion pills to the United States to circumvent pro-life US laws.

Gomperts founded the organizations Women on Waves and Aid Access to distribute abortion pills in places where abortion is restricted or prohibited. According to Live Action, Gomperts has used drones to drop abortion pills in Poland and attempted to use a Dutch ship to bring abortion to Guatemala. In the latter instance, she was turned away by the Guatemalan army, which pointed out that her only purpose in the country was to violate its constitution.

Gomperts and Aid Access are now focused on distributing abortion pills in Texas by having them mailed from India.

“We have nine U.S. providers who are licensed and serving 18 states, and then, if you’re in any of the other states, then Dr. Gomperts is the provider for the other states,” Christie Pitney of Aid Access told KHOU, a Houston-based television station. “We have a unique opportunity with Dr. Gomperts being in Europe that we’re able to provide telehealth abortion to all 50 states.”

“Being outside in Europe, kind of puts her in this nice gray area where she’s still able to provide that care,” Pitney continued. “It’s essential healthcare that everyone should have access to and so we’re going to continue to provide that care.”

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