November 12, 2021

Alaska Judge Temporarily Blocks Law Preventing Non-Doctors from Committing Abortions

An Alaskan Superior Court Judge issued a temporary injunction against a law that prohibits non-doctors from committing abortions.

Superior Court Judge Josie Garton's injunction allows nurses and assistants to write prescriptions for abortion pills. Garton's injunction sides with Planned Parenthood, which originally filed a lawsuit against the Alaska law in 2019.

The US Food and Drug Administration similarly limited the distribution of abortion pills through a set of regulations known as REMS until the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. REMS requirements prevented abortion pills from being made available over the internet or at retail pharmacies. Now, the Biden administration has expressed a desire to end REMS permanently.

Garton's order will prevent the law from being enforced at least until the case is decided at trial next July.