October 22, 2021

Make Your Voice Heard! Come to the Capitol and Tell Legislators to Keep PNA!

Pro-abortion Illinois legislators have several bills in the works that could repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act (PNA). We need pro-life voices to come to the capitol next week and let legislators know that PNA provides essential protection for young Illinois girls, and it should not be repealed.

The Parental Notice of Abortion Act requires that a parent or guardian be notified 48 hours before a minor girl has an abortion. This provides parents with the ability to speak with their daughters about the weighty decision of abortion. Simultaneously, it protects young girls from sex trafficking by preventing pimps from using abortion to hide their crimes from parents.

Parents deserve the ability to be involved in their children's lives. In recent weeks, parents have gone to school boards to protest government-funded education programs that conflict with their values. The overreach if PNA is repealed will be much more direct. The government is trying to put itself between parents and their children, and we will not stand for it.

To make your voices heard, please come to the capitol and help us create a presence of pro-life advocates with a desire to protect the rights of parents and the unborn!

When: Wednesday and Thursday, October 27 & 28. Come one or both days. Arrive around 10 am. Depart around 1:30 pm.

Where: Pick up signs at 108 E. Cook St., Springfield, IL. Park in the back, pick up signs and attend a briefing, and walk to the Capitol.

If you can't attend, please call your legislators and tell them to keep Illinois's Parental Notice of Abortion Act!

To find your legislators and their contact information, go to the link below and enter your address: