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September 22, 2021

Texas Abortionist Sued After He Admits to Breaking Texas Heartbeat Act

After a Texas abortionist openly admitted to breaking the Texas Heartbeat Act, two non-Texas residents filed lawsuits against him. While this may be the first instance of the Texas Heartbeat Act being used to take legal action against an abortionist, the two men filing these lawsuits seem to be using the situation as an opportunity to challenge the law rather than protect life.

San Antonio abortionist Dr. Alan Baird wrote on the opinion page of The Washington Post Sunday that he had violated the Texas Heartbeat Act on Sept. 6 by aborting an unborn baby who had a heartbeat. He wrote that he did this because he had “a duty of care to this patient...and because she has a fundamental right to receive this care.”

The Texas Heartbeat Act prohibits abortionists from ending the lives of babies whose heartbeats can be detected, which usually happens around six weeks gestation. The law is enforced by individuals, who have the ability to file lawsuits against abortionists and those who assist in facilitating abortions. These can be people who pay for abortions or those who provide transportation. The mothers of these children can't be sued under the law.

The two men filing lawsuits against Dr. Baird include Oscar Stilley, an Arkansas man currently serving a 15-year house arrest sentence for tax evasion, and Felipe Gomez, a pro-abortion Illinoisan. Stilley told the New York Times that he is "not pro-life" and he hopes to collect the money he could be awarded by winning his suit. Gomez said that he would donate any winnings to pro-abortion activist groups.

“Neither of these lawsuits are valid attempts to save innocent human lives,” John Seago, legislative director for Texas Right to Life, told the New York Times.