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September 30, 2021

Cook County Board to Consider Resolution to "Cancel" Texans and Businesses

As a response to the passage of the Texas Heartbeat Act, the Cook County Board of Commissioners is set to consider a resolution next week that would prohibit county employees from traveling to Texas for county business and any official business with the Texas state government.

In addition, the resolution would sever the county's financial ties to any businesses that contributed to the campaigns of Texas politicians who supported the Texas Heartbeat Act.

The former part of this resolution is a performative effort that does neither grants abortion to Texas women nor helps the people of Cook County. The main people who might be hurt by this resolution are the employees and operators of hotels and restaurants in Texas. Even then, it is unlikely that the travels of Cook County employees were propping up those businesses.

The latter part is an attempt to force corporations to either take pro-abortion political stances or lose the ability to get contracts with the Cook County government. This kind of litmus test is a dangerous attempt to force corporations to support the deaths of unborn children or take a financial hit.

If the Cook County Board of Commissioners passes this resolution, it will emphasize its abortion advocacy and its desire to meddle in the legislative affairs of other states.

The sponsors of this proposal include Cook County Commissioners Kevin Morrison, Alma Anaya, and Brandon Johnson.