July 7, 2021

"People's Tribunal" Exposes More Details of China's Forced Abortions and Feticide

A "people's tribunal" in London last month involved testimony from Uighur refugees from China. The goal of the tribunal was to bring to light how China is violating the human rights of Uighur Muslims, including through forced abortion and infanticide.

A nine-member panel headed by human rights lawyer Geoffrey Nice met from June 5-7 to hear testimony regarding China's human rights violations. The International Criminal Court said that it would not investigate the situation, so this panel event was created to spread awareness.

Shemsinur Abdighafur gave some of the most memorable testimony at the event. She left China in 2010 in fear for her life, and she told the panel stories about witnessing forced abortion and the murder of newborns on a regular basis.

“In my time working in hospitals, we could sometimes hear that some babies were born, and they started crying and from this we knew they were alive,” she said. “But we knew all babies would be given the injection so we knew they would die before they got home.”

She also witnessed Chinese doctors administer injections directly into the wombs of pregnant women, so that their babies would be killed.

“If any women got injected with this (drug) the baby died,” she said. “The syringe and the needle are very long, and it is directly injected into the womb. When they put the needle in, they see if a liquid comes out, if it does it confirms it is in the right place. I witnessed the injection being done. It was done daily.”

Other refugees told stories about other human rights violations including concentration camps, rape, forced sterilization, and organ harvesting. China continues to deny all accusations.

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