July 14, 2021

Biden Appoints Former Population Council Director Stephanie Psaki to HHS Position

Pro-abortion Dr. Stephanie Psaki, the sister of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, has been appointed by the Biden administration to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). She will take the position of Senior Advisor on Human Rights and Gender Equity in the Office of Global Affairs.

Psaki served as the deputy director of the Population Council's Girl Innovation Research and Learning (GIRL) Center. The Population Council is known for its eugenic agenda focusing on population control.

The Population Council takes credit for bringing the abortion pill to the United States and granting Danco Laboratories an exclusive license to manufacture and market the pill here. Its past leaders have been known for their membership in groups such as the American Eugenics Society and involvement in pro-abortion advocacy. Council members have even advocated for policies as extreme as forced sterilization.

In 2019, Psaki contributed to a report that claimed “access to modern contraception, safe and legal abortion” is among the “suite of SRH [Sexual and Reproductive Health] services, products, and information” which are “critical to girls’ and women’s health, education, and participation in society and the economy.”

The report suggested that governments should remove all barriers to abortion, even for adolescents. This includes laws requiring parental involvement. It recommended that policymakers, “Liberalize abortion laws to enable all adolescent girls and women to obtain safe abortion services. Remove restrictions involving parental or partner consent to access abortion services and family planning methods….”

It went on to recommend that governments “guarantee the availability of affordable, accessible, and appropriate youth-friendly SRH services—including a wide range of discreet and on-demand contraceptive options… safe abortion and post-abortion care, maternal and newborn care free of stigma, discrimination, coercion, and violence.”

Psaki yet another in the long list of pro-abortion Biden appointees.

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