June 23, 2021

Pro-Abortion Advocates Claim Abortion is Good for the Economy

Pro-abortion advocates are citing a new report from the Institute of Women's Policy Research (IWPR) to argue that abortion restrictions hurt the economy. The report estimates that state abortion restrictions cost the economy $105 billion per year, and that allowing unborn babies to be killed at any gestational age for any reason would be worthwhile for its economic benefits.

The study further argues that getting rid of abortion restrictions would cause over 500,000 women to enter the workforce, thereby increasing annual earnings for women by over $1,600 per year.

The IWPR study implies that caring for children is something that women should reject, and it reinforces the idea of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Businesses often pressure women to choose abortion if they want to keep their jobs, and the widespread availability of abortion only helps businesses discriminate in this way.

Ending abortion restrictions is not the answer to this problem. It will only amplify it. Childcare resources and support from fathers can empower working women without the sacrifice of unborn children.

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