May 30, 2021

URGENT! Call Your Legislators to Protect Parental Notification!

As the spring legislative session comes to a close, pro-abortion legislators are working to push through a bill repealing Illinois's Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Pro-abortion legislators will have until the end of Memorial Day—the final day of this session—to call bills to a vote.

Pro-life advocates need to call their legislators and tell them to VOTE NO and save parental notification!

The Parental Notice of Abortion Act requires abortion businesses to contact a minor girl's parents if she schedules an abortion. The legislation does not require girls to obtain their parents' consent to have an abortion — it merely requires abortion businesses to notify parents or guardians. The law even allows young girls to get a judicial bypass to avoid notifying their parents altogether. Somehow, even this one pro-life protection in Illinois is too much for the abortion lobby.

Parental Notification is important because it allows parents to be involved in the life-changing decision of abortion. Additionally, it protects girls by serving as a warning sign for sex trafficking. Young girls who are trafficked and forced into abortion can be saved by parental notification laws. If parents aren't made aware of the situation, they can't help.

Please call your legislators and tell them not to repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act!

To find your legislators and their phone numbers, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website here and type your address. Please call your state senator and representative to protect parental notification!