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April 23, 2021

New Group Announces Service to Mail Abortion Pills Directly to Women

On April 12, FDA Director Janet Woodcock announced that the FDA would stop enforcing regulations requiring that doctors distribute abortion pills in person rather than through the mail. Supposedly, this rule change would only continue for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are doubts on both sides of the abortion debate on whether the rule will ever come back. As proof of this, a new group called Abortion on Demand (AOD) announced the very next day that it was launching a telemedicine service to ship abortion pills directly to women through the mail.

AOD was founded by Seattle area physician Dr. Jamie Phifer. According to an article in Marie Claire, Phifer “has been building the service for the last year and a half—keeping it under wraps until such a policy change enabled her to legally get it off the ground.”

Phifer's service has women watch a video explaining the abortion process before having an online conversation with an abortionist. If the abortionist is satisfied with the woman's answer to their questions, the woman will receive the pills within five days.

AOD is immediately launching in twenty states and the District of Columbia. Phifer hopes to add more states soon, but she has gone on record saying that she believes abortion pills should be distributed over the counter.

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