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December 17, 2019

Safe Haven Law Saves Illinois Baby

A baby girl who was only a few hours old was safely given to a firefighter in Cicero, Illinois Friday afternoon in accordance with Illinois' Safe Haven law.

Safe Haven laws allow families who don't believe they can care for a child to hand them over to public servants at police stations, fire stations, or hospitals with no questions asked. There will be no charges against anyone who does this as long as the child is less than 30 days old and unharmed.

This is an underutilized pro-life option that allows mothers to preserve the life of their child even if they cannot support them for reasons such as finances. It is commendable that a family would go through with the pregnancy and choose this option rather than have an abortion, especially in Illinois.

"They took loving, responsible actions to make sure that this baby girl was going to be OK," said Dawn Geras, president of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation. "If they are listening, I bless them and I thank them and I reassure them that this baby will be loved and cherished and taken care of."

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