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March 21, 2019

Illinois lawmakers introduce plan denying unborn "independent rights"

Illinois lawmakers introduce plan denying unborn "independent rights"

Abortion advocates are testing just how far the Illinois public will tolerate them going to expand abortions in Illinois with two measures now in the Illinois General Assembly. HB 2495 and SB 1942 are energized with a pro-abortion majority in both Illinois chambers and a new governor that Planned Parenthood and Personal PAC were eager to put into office. Illinois could become the most radical abortion state in the nation.

With either HB 2495 or SB 1942, all restrictions on post-viability abortions will be eliminated and abortions will be allowed for any reason whatsoever throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Abortions methods on unborn babies developed enough to live outside their mothers' wombs will be allowed with no consideration of the babies' chances of surviving the abortion. During late term abortions, there will no longer be the need to have a second physician on hand to provide medical care for a baby the abortionist did not intend to survive an abortion.

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