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March 14, 2019

CALL FOR ACTION - SB 1594 - Parental Notification Repeal

This is the Senate's version of HB2467.

SB 1594 passed Senate Public Health Committee  with a vote of  8 to 4 and is now on the Senate Floor in Second Reading.

Contact your Senator, urge them to vote NO on SB1594.

If SB 1594 becomes law it would repeal the Parental Notification of Abortion Act of 1995 which...

        -Is constitutional per the Illinois Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals 

        -Mandates notification of a parent, grandparent or legal guardian when a minor seeks an abortionAC
        -Provides a judicial waiver of notice for minors that are victims of physical or sexual abuse
        -Has caused a decline in minor abortions by 57% from 2013 when first enforced to 2017 according to the Illinois Department of Public Health statistics (adults declined 15%)

        -Has not triggered any reported incidents of abuse or neglect of a minor as a result of notification to the minor’s parent.

Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky all have parental involvement laws.  If the Parental Notification Act of 1995 is repealed Illinois will become the Midwest go-to-state for minors to obtain a secret abortion.

The Illinois Federation for Right to Life put forth a lot of time and effort and was instrumental along with other pro-life organizations in Illinois to pass Parental Notification.  This bill has saved countless lives of babies and teen girls.  Underage teens may not have all the information on making life or death decisions nor may not be aware of the effects that an abortion will have on her body or her emotional and mental state.  

We can't remove this important protection that was once approved of in Illinois.  The Moms and Dads in Illinois do not deserve to have their parental rights undermined by their government nor teens lives endangered.

Contact your Senator, urge them to vote NO on SB1594