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October 18, 2018

The UN should consider the dangers of child euthanasia

The UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights recently solicited input for a report regarding the rights of children with disabilities. MCCL GO provided a contribution that drew attention to the problems with child euthanasia.

The Netherlands permits the euthanasia of children as young as 12, and doctors there also practice the active euthanasia of sick and disabled infants, including those with disabilities such as spina bifida. Belgium removed any age limit for euthanasia in 2014. And earlier this year, Colombia passed a resolution expanding its euthanasia policy to children.

These developments raise a number of human rights concerns. Euthanasia violates the right to life, and child euthanasia is especially troubling. The immaturity of children inhibits their ability to make sound decisions and give proper consent.

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