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October 9, 2018

Noted abortion researcher admits pro-life laws stop abortions

Noted abortion researcher admits pro-life laws stop abortions

For years, whenever pro-life legislation was discussed or passed, advocates of abortion told us it was a waste of time. They said that women would get abortions anyway, crossing state lines or taking matters into their own hands.

Now a prominent abortion researcher and promoter has told folks on her side to stop saying that. Why? Because pro-life laws are in fact leading numbers of women to forego abortion and give birth to their babies, a catastrophe from the pro-abortion perspective.

The headline from Diana Greene Foster’s (pictured) commentary in the very pro-abortion Rewire.News says, “Stop Saying That Making Abortion Illegal Won’t Stop People From Having Them.” The subhead elaborates: “Criminalizing abortion or making it less accessible means that some women carry unwanted pregnancies to term.”

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