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Illinois Abortion Bills NOT called in hearing

The Illinois abortion bills HB2467 and HB2495 which would have enshrined abortion in Illinois were not called in the Human Services Commi...

June 11, 2018

Rep. Mark Walker: Investigate Planned Parenthood’s sex abuse cover-up

Rep. Mark Walker: Investigate Planned Parenthood’s sex abuse cover-up

Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC), Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, joined Live Action president Lila Rose and additional members of Congress in a press conference Thursday, June 7, 2018, to expose Planned Parenthood’s decades-long cover-up of sexual abuse. Live Action’s new seven-part docuseries, Aiding Abusers, exposes Planned Parenthood’s systemic cover-up of sex abuse including the aiding of sex traffickers.

Walker, who applauded President Trump’s Protect Life Rule to Title X funding, said that while it is astonishing that Planned Parenthood would cover up sex abuse he did not actually find it surprising. The Protect Life Rule would end Title X family planning funding for groups that commit, support or refer for abortion.

“Seems that Planned Parenthood, according to reports, has broken the law,” he said during the press conference. “There should be a full investigation into whether Planned Parenthood willfully turned over child victims of abuse back to their abuser and, if necessary, criminal prosecution. […] This isn’t about politics.”

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