September 21, 2009


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Scott Roeder Trial Postponed Until Roe v. Wade Week - January 2010

Trial was scheduled to start Monday, but has been rescheduled to January 25, 2010 so the mainstream news media can browbeat pro-lifers with the Tiller shooting during the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

'Vigilante suspect' Scott Roeder, the man charged with killing a Wichita abortion doctor, won't go to trial until at least next year, the Sedgwick County District Attorney's office said this morning. Roeder was scheduled to go on trial Monday, charged with first-degree murder in the May shooting death of George Tiller. Roeder's new trial date has been set for Jan. 25, 2010. Tiller was shot to death inside Reformation Lutheran Church, where he was serving as an usher, on the last Sunday in May.
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Open Season on the Vulnerable in the UK as Prosecutor Effectively Decriminalizes Assisted Suicide

Democracy means nothing any more. The UK Parliament repeatedly refused to legalize assisted suicide.  Then, a woman with MS named Debbie Purdy wanted to be able to go to Switzerland to kill herself, with her husband in attendance. So she sued.  The Lords–the UK’s supreme court–ruled that she had a right to know whether her husband would be prosecuted and ordered the prosecutor to publish guidelines as to when the law would and would not be enforced.

The prosecutor has gone beyond the court ruling and decriminalized assisted suicides  in country committed by friends and relatives of people with terminally illnesses and serious disabilities.
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Health Care Reform Sponsors Support Physician Assisted Suicide

American Life League's new video, "Obamacare: Ending the Elderly," reveals that HR 3200 sponsor Henry Waxman and co-sponsors John Dingell, George Miller, Peter Stark, and Frank Pallone all voted against a federal ban on use of drugs for physician assisted suicide. "Those supporting HR 3200 claim Obamacare won't cover abortion and euthanasia," said Michael Hichborn, host of the American Life League Report, "but history tells a different story. Supporters of the bill overwhelmingly favor abortion, euthanasia or both."
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Birth Control Could Help Combat 'Climate Change'?

Giving contraceptives to people in developing countries could help fight climate change by slowing population growth, experts said Friday. More than 200 million women worldwide want contraceptives, but don’t have access to them, according to an editorial published in the British medical journal, Lancet. That results in 76 million unintended pregnancies every year. If those women had access to free condoms or other birth control methods, that could slow rates of population growth, possibly easing the pressure on the environment, the editors say.
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Shocking, Unforgettable Pro-Life Film

"It's The Same Thing" is controversial, polarizing, and unique in the way it depicts present-day attitudes about abortion. This film will impact you deeply, and you'll either be infuriated or in solemn agreement. Regardless of your beliefs about abortion, you will never forget "It's The Same Thing."

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Shooting Death of Pro-Lifer Called a 'Hate Crime'

They stood in the same spot James Pouillon stood. They carried signs with his same message. They came to honor Pouillon and to carry on his protest. Hundreds of people gathered in front of Owosso High School today for a vigil in response to the shooting death of Pouillon, 63, a long-time and well-known local pro-life activist. "Not only did my dad die for these babies, he met them in heaven," said Pouillon's daughter, 26-year-old Mary Jo Pouillon, according to The Associated Press.
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D.C. Schools to Screen for STDs Without Parental Consent

Officials representing District of Columbia public schools have confirmed that they will begin offering sexually-transmitted disease (STD) screening and treatment for students without parental consent.

The new initiative, which follows the completion of a pilot program in some D.C. schools, will include explicit sex education that discusses with students the contraction of STDs.  City officials cite the District's high rate of HIV infections - the highest of all major U.S. cities - as an impetus for the new program.

Following the sex education, students will be sent to bathrooms where they receive a paper bag containing a cup for urine sample collection.  Students will be able to decide whether or not to give the sample.

However, the plan is reportedly drawing concern among parents, who are not given a say in whether to include their child in the program.
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Mexican State of Oaxaca Becomes Sixteenth to Pass Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment

More than half of Mexico's 31 states have passed such amendments in the last two years

The Congress of the Mexican state of Oaxaca has voted to adopt a pro-life amendment to the state's constitution with an overwhelming majority of 31-6.

The amendment states that "Every human being from the moment of fertilization enters under the protection of the law and is considered the same as one who has been born for all legal effects until his natural death," according to the Mexican newspaper Milennio.

It adds: "In protecting the right to life of every human being in express form from fertilization and until natural death, we are seeking to strengthen the family, which is undoubtedly based on the nuclear family consisting of parents and children, this institution being one of the bases upon which respect for the right to life of everyone must begin, achieving the promotion of a culture of respect."

Oaxaca is the sixteenth Mexican state to pass such an amendment in the last year.
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Leaked Document Outlines Radical Sex Group's Plan to "Change the Way Americans Think about Sex"

Group to push "education" in orgies, masturbation, sadomasochism

A San Francisco sex group's four-year strategic plan, aimed to "change the way Americans think about sex" by desensitizing mainstream American culture to aberrant sexual practices, has been leaked.

The document reveals a well thought out strategy to acclimatize the American public to everything from the practice of sadomasochism to orgies and every other "consensual" sexual behavior besides.

"CSC will be taking the lead in framing the sex positive discourse in our culture," writes the Center for Sex and Culture in its 2007-2011 strategic plan.  "In this ambitious vision of the future, certainly more than five years distant, CSC will have accomplished the difficult task of changing the way Americans think about sex. 
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