December 11, 2019

Mother Speaks Out About Daughter's Death from NuvaRing Birth Control Side Effects

Alexzandria “Ally” Givens complained to her boyfriend one night in July that she was feeling pain in her neck and shoulder, but wasn't sure what caused the pain. The next morning, she got up to use the bathroom and collapsed to the floor. Her boyfriend sprang up and called 911 followed by Ally's parents, but nobody was able to save her. An autopsy found that Ally's death was caused by blood clots formed as a result of hormonal birth control.

Ally's parents recently spoke about their daughter's death in an interview, saying that while they believe her doctor informed her that blood clots could be a side effect of NuvaRing hormonal birth control, she may not have been told about the symptoms of blood clots. If she had been able to identify that her pains resulted from her birth control, she would have been able to get medical help much earlier.

The family will not sue Merck, the manufacturer of NuvaRing birth control, but they do want the company to stop selling the product.

“I just want it off the shelf,” said Carla Givens. “I don’t want another girl to die from it and have those parents feel like I do.”

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University of California-Davis Cancels Study and Claims Abortion Pill Reversal is Dangerous After One Patient Experiences Bleeding

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash
University of California-Davis has made public the results of its study on the effectiveness of the abortion reversal pill. The study was rocky, with only 12 volunteers (two of which dropped out). The group sought to find 40 participants but went ahead with only this small number. On top of this, the group canceled the study after a single patient who took progesterone (the abortion pill reversal medication) experienced heavy bleeding.

This dishonest action was clearly designed to make headlines and hurt the reputation of a completely safe procedure. It's only possible to understand this, however, if a person understands the abortion pill procedure. Mifepristone, the first pill in the two-part abortion pill regimen, is a drug that blocks a hormone called progesterone. Progesterone helps a mother provide nutrients to her unborn child. When it is blocked, the child is starved to death. The second abortion pill induces violent labor so that a mother can "complete their miscarriage". The only thing that the abortion pill reversal does is administer additional progesterone into a mother's body so that it correctly administers the necessary nutrients to the child again.

A total of three patients were hospitalized over the short course of the study. Only one of them had taken progesterone. All of them had taken the abortion pill mifepristone. Interestingly, one of the patients who dropped out did so because they were anxious about the bleeding they believed would be caused by the abortion pill, instead opting for a different abortion method.

Since 2 out of the 3 patients who were hospitalized were part of the control group and did not take progesterone, it seems far more likely that the study was canceled to hide the dangers of mifepristone rather than to protect women from abortion pill reversal.

It's disgusting that these "scientists" still contributed to news stories attacking abortion pill reversal as "pseudo-science" after canceling their sham study.

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December 10, 2019

New York Bill Would Require State University of New York Schools to Provide Abortion Pills

white medication pill in orange prescription bottle
Photo by Trey Gibson on Unsplash
A bill was introduced in the New York Assembly this November which would require all State University of New York campuses to provide abortion pills. It would also create a fund in which both public and private funds would be used to supply the medication.

This measure would not only increase the number of state-funded abortion procedures, but it would also further the stigma that women are incapable of earning their education while acting as a mother. It could even be harmful to women as they undergo medical abortion procedures without the oversight of a doctor.

CEO of CompassCare Jim Harden responded, “You’re not providing actual patient care in a student health environment with a doctor-patient relationship ongoing. There’s follow up that’s required, there’s monitoring that’s required, and all of this is extracted from the women’s experience on campus. It’s dangerous for her.”

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The NRLC Writes Open Letter Telling Congress to Oppose “Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019”

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019” this week. In response, the National Right to Life Committee has written an open letter to legislators urging them to vote no on this bill.

The NRLC raises concerns that the legislation would ration drugs across the United States, effectively preventing many from receiving life-saving medication. It further argues that the bill stifles innovation and prevents new drugs from being able to help those who desperately need them.

In the letter, the NRLC says it is "concerned with protecting older people and people with disabilities from euthanasia as with protecting the unborn from abortion. We have recognized that involuntary denial of lifesaving medical treatment is a form of involuntary euthanasia."

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Supreme Court Upholds Kentucky Ultrasound Law

The Supreme Court upheld a Kentucky law that requires abortionists to present and describe ultrasound images alongside the audio of the unborn child's heartbeat to mothers considering abortion. The ACLU had challenged “The Ultrasound Informed Consent Act” and won in lower courts, but the decision was overturned by the Supreme Court Monday.

The law was originally blocked by District Court Judge David Hale, but the decision was overturned by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in April. By denying the ACLU's appeal to the Supreme Court, the federal courts confirmed that the law stood within constitutional bounds.

U.S. Circuit Court Judge John K. Bush wrote his reasoning for overturning the District Court decision in his ruling:
“[W]e hold that H.B. 2 provides relevant information. The information conveyed by an ultrasound image, its description, and the audible beating fetal heart gives a patient greater knowledge of the unborn life inside her. This also inherently provides the patient with more knowledge about the effect of an abortion procedure: it shows her what, or whom, she is consenting to terminate. That this information might persuade a woman to change her mind does not render it suspect under the First Amendment.”
Judge Bush further stated that informed consent laws do not violate doctors' first amendment rights as long as the information they are required to convey is “truthful, non-misleading, and relevant to an abortion.”

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December 9, 2019

Researchers Find Correlation Between Contraceptive Pill Usage and Shrinking Brain Size

Credit: Doctor 4U
A new study presented by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) shows a link between taking contraceptive pills and reduced size in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus.

Dr. Michael Lipton, the professor who led this study by Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, said:

“We found a dramatic difference in the size of the brain structures between women who were taking oral contraceptives and those who were not. We validated methods for assessing the volume of the hypothalamus and confirm, for the first time, that current oral contraceptive pill usage is associated with smaller hypothalamic volume.”

The press release further states “that smaller hypothalamic volume was also associated with greater anger and showed a strong correlation with depressive symptoms.”

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Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress to Face Reduced Charges in San Francisco Superior Court

David Daleiden
Credit: American Life League / Flickr
The Thomas Moore Society confirmed on Twitter Dec. 6 that San Francisco Superior Court did not dismiss all criminal charges against David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Six out of the 15 counts were dismissed when it was appealed to the higher court, but they will go to trial on the remaining nine counts.

The defendants had exposed Planned Parenthood for harvesting body parts from aborted children by using undercover journalists posing as an organization that would purchase those body parts. They recorded conversations that those journalists had with various employees of Planned Parenthood and showed the recordings to the world by uploading them to the internet.

The San Francisco Superior Court's decision to hear the case means that we will once again hear arguments from both sides about the intent of the undercover recordings and whether the defendants believed violent actions were taking place that needed to be exposed. The judge in the lower court blocked much of the evidence that the defense brought forth in that case. Hopefully, they will be allowed to present the necessary evidence to prove their case this time.

If the CMP continues to be found guilty, the organization has vowed that it will fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

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December 6, 2019

Pro-Life Organizations Analyze CDC Abortion Statistics

Credit: LaDawna Howard / Flickr
The Family Research Council (FRC) and Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) have shared the results of their annual analysis of Obamacare-funded health insurance plans. The groups poured over exchanges to figure out just how many of these plans cover elective abortion.

Their analysis covers a lot of information, which can be read in a PDF report here or by using their interactive map at

It is important to note that 100% of plans in eight states and the District of Columbia, including Illinois, require all individual plans on Obamacare exchanges to cover elective abortion. Additionally, the number of plans on the exchanges that cover elective abortion has increased by 6% from 650 to 777.

FRC Director of Life, Culture, and Women's Advocacy Patrina Mosley commented:

"Obamacare allows health insurance plans purchased with federal subsidies to cover elective abortion. This violates the principle of the longstanding Hyde Amendment that taxpayer dollars should not be entangled with the abortion industry.  Many individuals seeking enrollment remain categorically opposed to elective abortion and do not want their tax dollars used for its coverage. As the current administration has taken a strong stance in proclaiming that abortion is not family planning through the strengthening of Title X regulations and expanding the Mexico City policy, Congress still has a lot of work to do to make sure abortion is never considered healthcare."

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Two of Four Charges Dropped Against South African Doctor who Told a Pregnant Woman Abortion "kills a human being"

Jacques de Vos, center, flanked by attorney Martus de Wet, advocate
 Keith Matthee and father Phillip de Vos (cream jacket) at the
Health Professions Council of SA hearing on August 27, 2019.
Image: Sipokazi Fokazi
In 2017, South African doctor and member of Doctors for Life International Jacques De Vos told a woman seeking an abortion that what she was considering would kill a human being. As a result, he was charged four offenses and prevented from practicing medicine until the Health Professions Council of South Africa completes its hearings and makes a decision.

The two dropped charges accused De Vos “distributing pamphlets that imposed his religious beliefs at the hospital on colleagues, patients and members of the public, while also attempting to influence his colleagues to adopt his views by sending them text messages,” and “failing to remain objective when advocating for contraceptives and not having acted in a patient’s best interest.” De Vos's legal team argued that the charges were unlawful and vague, and they were dropped as a result.

The remaining charges include “dissuading a patient from terminating her pregnancy in 2016 when he was at 2 Military Hospital in Wynberg,” and “failing to respect the patient’s autonomy.”

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December 5, 2019

March for Life Chicago Expands as Attendance Grows

The March for Life Chicago event has grown in scope as interest and attendance have increased. The upcoming Jan. 11 event is set to be the biggest yet with a rally, march, convention with pro-life organizations, a young adult event, and a fundraising banquet.

The event will be held in Daley Plaza and will feature an address from abortion survivor Claire Culwell. Claire was born two months premature during an abortion procedure that killed her twin sister.

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Pro-Life Attorney Sarah Pitlyk Confirmed for Federal Judgeship

Sarah Pitlyk
Credit: Thomas More Society
On Wednesday, The senate voted 49-44 to confirm Sarah Pitlyk as a U.S. District Court judge for the Eastern District of Missouri. Pitlyk is well-known for her pro-life beliefs and as a result was a highly controversial nominee.

Donald Trump nominated Pitlyk for the judgeship in August due to her strong pro-life record. She worked in the Thomas More Society, fought various pro-abortion laws and even served as part of the defense team for David Daleiden in the recent case in which he was accused of breaking privacy law by recording undercover footage exposing Planned Parenthood for selling human body parts.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine was the only Republican who voted against Pitlyk's nomination. She argued that Pitlyk "does not have sufficient experience to receive a federal district court appointment." She further argued that her advocacy made her unfit because Pitlyk would be more likely to follow her pro-life beliefs than the "precedent" of Roe v. Wade.

Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser defended Pitlyk's nomination: “Pitlyk is a graduate of Boston College, summa cum laude. She earned two master’s degrees — one from Georgetown University, and another from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, where she studied under a prestigious Fulbright scholarship and graduated magna cum laude — before proceeding to Yale Law School...The idea Pitlyk is some callow amateur is ludicrous.”

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December 4, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Promises to Wear Planned Parenthood Scarf to Inauguration

Image from Elizabeth Warren's Facebook page
To even further cement the idea that she is a pro-abortion candidate (along with the rest of the field), Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren promised in a speech that she would wear her Planned Parenthood scarf to her inauguration.

"I made the decision when Donald Trump was elected — I decided I would go to the inauguration...but it was important to me what I wore. I'll tell you what I wore: I wore my scarf that has in big letters on it embroidered, 'Planned Parenthood,'” she said in a speech at the University of Iowa campus according to Disrn.

“And then the next day I showed up at [the Women's March]; I spoke and I wore my pink Planned Parenthood scarf. Now that's two, so here's my plan for number three: I'm gonna be wearing that scarf when I'm sworn as president of the United States."

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CDC Report Shows 2016 Abortion Statistics

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report with statistics on the abortions in 2016 last week. National Right to Life Director of Education and Research Randall K. O’Bannon wrote a helpful article analyzing the numbers and what they mean.

In his analysis, he points out several key figures:

  • The 2016 abortion statistics are the lowest recorded since Roe vs. Wade.
  • CDC statistics say there were 11.6 abortions per 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 44 in 2016.
  • The statistics say there were 186 abortions for every 1,000 live births in 2016.
To read more about these statistics, including demographics of those receiving abortions, click here.

Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress Sue Abortionist for Claiming Undercover Videos were "fake"

David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) filed a defamation lawsuit against former Planned Parenthood abortionist Dr. Savita Ginde for claiming in a book and a TED talk that undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood's illegal sale of body parts were "fake"

The undercover videos that CMP released in 2015 include a video in which an undercover journalist has a discussion with Dr. Ginde about the pricing for fetal body parts. When the journalists posing as buyers asked about the frequency with which completely intact children were delivered during the abortion process, she admitted that there were three to seven each day in the area covered by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM).

Dr. Ginde wrote a book attacking the undercover reports titled The Real Cost of Fake News: The Hidden Truth Behind the Planned Parenthood Video Scandal in which she claims that the footage was "manipulated" to "make it look like I did something that I have actually never done and said things I actually never said." The book furthermore states that "[t]he words and actions are completely false." The most surprising statement, however, is that Dr. Ginde claims in her book that she never watched the entirety of the CMP footage and "had no intention of ever doing so."

As a result of Dr. Ginde's refusal to retract her lies about the honesty of the undercover footage, CMP hopes to clear its name and confirm the honesty of its footage by suing Dr. Ginde for defamation.

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December 3, 2019

Georgia Nurse Adopts Autistic Homeless Man to Help him Get Treatment

Lori Wood and Jonathan Pinkard
27-year-old Jonathan Pinkard spent four months in the hospital as a result of medical difficulties related to his need for a heart transplant. Pinkard has autism, so his grandmother had recently served as his guardian. However, she passed away recently, and Pinkard's mother was in a rehab facility. As a result, Pinkard's nurse decided that she would help.

Lori Wood offered Pinkard a place to stay and serves as his guardian now, which was necessary for him to be able to undergo the heart transplant. Without a support system to make sure he was taking the necessary medication, the transplant would fail.

“At some point, God places people in situations in your life, and you have a choice to do something about it,” Wood said to the Washington Post. “For me, there was no choice. I’m a nurse; I had an extra room. It was not something I struggled with. He had to come home with me.”

Wood and the Georgia medical system did not devalue Pinkard because of his disability like so many medical systems in other countries might. We hope that Pinkard continues to be successful in his recovery and can eventually find the independence he deserves.

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FOX Sports Announcer Shares Story of College Football Star's Mother on National Television. "...she was thinking about aborting the baby, but changed her mind."

Ohio Running Back J.K Dobbins (left)
Credit: Maize & Blue Nation / Flickr
On November 30, the Ohio State Buckeyes played the Michigan Wolves in a televised football game. The Buckeyes won 56-27 over the wolves, due in no small part to their running back, J.K. Dobbins. During the game, a sports commentator shared a short anecdote about Dobbins's family that surprised many.

After Dobbins crossed the goal line, making his career-high of 211 yards carried and 4 touchdowns,  FOX Sports commentator Gus Johnson shared a wonderful fact about Dobbins's upbringing on live television:
"J.K. Dobbins' mom Mya became pregnant when she was 18 years old," Johnson said. "She went to the doctor because she was thinking about aborting the baby, but changed her mind. That baby turned out to be that young man, J.K. Dobbins, who she calls her miracle baby."

It's wonderful that Dobbins's mother chose life for her child, and it's especially wonderful that Dobbins's story can be an inspiration to women anywhere that even if they don't think they are ready to be mothers, it is still possible for their children to thrive if they are willing to choose life.

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November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Illinois Federation for Right to Life hopes you travel safely and have a wonderful time celebrating life with your family this Thanksgiving!

Michael Bloomberg: Another Drop in the Sea of Pro-Abortion Candidates

Michael Bloomberg
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is yet another pro-abortion Democratic Presidential candidate whose record reflects a lack of respect for unborn life.

When he ran for the office of mayor in New York City, he promised that he would make every person training to become an obstetrician or a gynecologist in a New York City hospital learn how to perform an abortion. This was a complete violation of conscience for many, and Bloomberg's eventual executive order was walked back with room for moral or religious exemptions.

He personally donated $250,000 to Planned Parenthood in response to the Susan G. Komen Foundation's decision to stop funding the abortion corporation in 2012. He even appropriated city funds to help renovate a Planned Parenthood building in the same year.

This candidate does not differentiate himself from the other candidates on the issue of abortion in any way whatsoever. It is shameful that there isn't a single candidate who values life in the Democratic primary.

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Planned Parenthood Asks Journalists to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements When they Attend Events

Credit: airpix / Flickr
Vice reporter Carter Sherman recently wrote about Planned Parenthood's requirement that event attendees sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), even if they are a member of the press.

In perhaps the most surprising case, Planned Parenthood organized a media happy hour that will take place today, but the abortion business still sent an email stating that each journalist would be required to sign an NDA first. These agreements would limit the ability of journalists to legally share what was said at the event, and therefore limit their ability to perform their job.

After stating that she would write an article about Planned Parenthood's use of NDAs, Planned Parenthood sent an email to all invited journalists stating that the email including the NDA was sent in error by a new employee.

Erica Sackin, senior director of communications for Planned Parenthood Federation of America further responded to VICE in an email:
"Planned Parenthood is proud of the work we do to ensure that journalists and editors have access to the incredible staff, patients, services, and education that we provide. We pride ourselves on our transparency, and our support for freedom of the press as a pillar of our democracy.”
No doubt Planned Parenthood started this practice in response to undercover journalists like David Daleiden, who exposed the organization's practice of selling a child's body parts after aborting them.

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Challengers File Opening Brief in Supreme Court Against Louisiana Law Requiring Abortionists to have Admitting Privileges at a Local Hospital

Opponents to Louisiana's Unsafe Abortion Protection Act have appealed to the Supreme Court and have now filed their opening brief. The law requires that abortionists maintain admitting privileges at a local hospital in order to continue practicing abortion legally. The legislation is designed to keep women safe in cases of medical emergencies that occur during the abortion process. It does not limit the access or scope of abortion in any way, but pro-choice advocates won't even accept patient safety as an excuse to apply any regulation to the abortion industry.

In their brief, the Center for Reproductive Rights compared the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act to a Texas law that took similar actions. The courts ruled in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt that the Texas law was unconstitutional because it limited access to abortion significantly. Context is key, however, and there are reasons why this case has made it all the way to the supreme court.

“Women deserve better than incompetent providers that put profits over people.” Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill said. “Louisiana isn’t Texas, and our case is distinguishable from Hellerstedt; our facts, our evidence, and our generally applicable medical standards are all different.”

In the majority opinion from 5th Circuit Appeals Court, Judge Jerry Smith argued that Louisiana's context made all the difference (excerpt):
"...Here, unlike in Texas, the Act does not impose a substantial burden on a large fraction of women under WWH and other controlling Supreme Court authority. Careful review of the record reveals stark differences between the record before us and that which the Court considered in WWH. 
Almost all Texas hospitals required that for a doctor to maintain privileges there, he or she had to admit a minimum number of patients annually. Few Louisiana hospitals make that demand. Because Texas doctors could not gain privileges, all but 8 of 40 clinics closed. Here, only one doctor at one clinic is currently unable to obtain privileges; there is no evidence that any of the clinics will close as a result of the Act. In Texas, the number of women forced to drive over 150 miles increased by 350%. Driving distances will not increase in Louisiana. Unlike the record in Louisiana, the record in Texas reflected no benefits from the legislation."
While this legislation does not limit abortion, the Supreme Court's acceptance of this legislation will ensure the safety of any Louisiana woman who falls prey to the abortion industry.

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