December 28, 2020

After Legislators Refuse to Make Changes, Massachusetts Gov. Vetoes Extreme Abortion Bill

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R)
photo credit: Office of the Governor of Massachusetts / Flickr
UPDATE: The Massachusetts House and Senate voted on Monday and Tuesday respectively to override Gov. Baker's veto. The below story was written before those votes occurred.

The Massachusetts legislature recently pushed to include extreme pro-abortion language in a budget bill. Gov. Charlie Baker (R) line vetoed some of this language last week, essentially separating that legislation into its own bill. On Dec. 22, however, the legislature sent it right back to his desk without changes. Now, Gov. Baker vetoed the bill.

Gov. Baker is pro-abortion, but even he took issue with legislation that expanded late-term abortions and would allow some minors to have abortions without the consent of their parents. 

Explaining his decision, Gov. Baker wrote,

“As I said in my amendment letter I strongly support a woman’s right to access reproductive health care, and many provisions of this bill. However I cannot support the sections of this proposal that expand the availability of later-term abortions and permit minors age 16 and 17 to get an abortion without the consent or knowledge of a parent or guardian.”

There are enough votes in the Massachusetts House and Senate to override the governor's veto.

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