November 4, 2020

Facebook Blocks Illinois Right to Life Ad Fundraising for Crisis Pregnancies

Illinois Right to Life, not to be confused with the Illinois Federation for Right to Life, was surprised to learn on Monday that Facebook denied their advertisement designed to raise money to help pregnant women experiencing financial difficulties.

The right to life group's charity effort, named Project Love, provides pregnant women in financial crises with grants to help them pay for expenses and necessities. When Illinois Right to Life attempted to fundraise for Project Love on Facebook, the tech giant responded that the fundraiser was too political and violated their policies about ads posted near election day.

Brittany Clingen Carl, Vice President of Illinois Right to Life, told The Federalist, “Helping women facing crisis pregnancies isn’t a political issue. It isn’t even a social advocacy issue. It’s simply doing the right thing by helping women and their children when they desperately need support.”

Censorship by big tech has become an increasingly prevalent issue for pro-life advocates. Sincere efforts to help women keep their children during times of financial hardship don't deserve to be treated this way.

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