September 25, 2020

Released Emails Show University of New Mexico Repeatedly Requested Fetal Body Parts from Abortion Clinics

photo credit: Drew Geraets / Flickr
Emails released by the pro-life organization, Abortion on Trial, show that the University of New Mexico (UNM) repeatedly requested body parts from aborted children.

The uncovered documents show that UNM was in regular contact with abortion clinics and asked for specific organs to use in research and dissections.

“Please let me know if you end up getting more fetal tissue next week and can still spare the heart…” reads one email in part.

“I just spoke to the clinic about getting >22wk fetuses for our dissections,” reads another email. “They have patients scheduled for surgery tomorrow that fit that range. I’ll go pick them up tomorrow afternoon when they’re ready.” 

Disturbingly, a third email complained that a fetal brain too large for the researcher's purposes: “[Redacted] just came and took some brain tissue I had in the freezer in both TriZol and TPer, and one of the fixed brains,” the e-mail reads. “He doesn’t think he’ll be able to use such a large brain, and will bring it back if he cannot.”

A retired UNM administrator recently revealed on video that some fetal brains obtained by the school were dissected with high school students, possibly as part of UNM's summer camp program.

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