September 30, 2020

New Birth Control Study Targets Girls Ages 11-15

Screenshot from "The Pill Study" website

CNS News wrote last week that the pro-abortion organization Advocates for Youth recently sent out a mass e-mail with the subject line "Know anyone ages 11-15 to join this study?" The advertised study would provide birth control pills to women as young as 11 while providing them monetary compensation and hiding their involvement from parents who might object.

Advocates for Youth, which works with Planned Parenthood, was promoting The Pill Study, which researchers are using to try and make birth control available from pharmacies without prescriptions. The study will provide participants who qualify with birth control pills, and will not require girls to inform their parents or to be supervised by a doctor. It also tempts young girls with a promise of $75 for participating.

11-year olds cannot legally consent to sex in any state in the US, nor can these researchers depend upon them to provide pharmacists with thorough and accurate medical histories. Birth control medication has risks that can be amplified by medical problems and even lead to death in some circumstances.

This study is incredibly inappropriate on multiple levels, and further shows that many pro-abortion organizations are encouraging youth to be sexually active. This does not benefit youth, but it does benefit the bottom line of the abortion industry.

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