June 9, 2020

Chicago Woman Decides Against Abortion

Photo Credit: American Life League / Flickr
A post by John Janson on Pro-Life Action League's blog told a short and encouraging story about a woman who changed her mind on abortion after they had a short exchange on the sidewalk outside a Chicago abortion clinic.

"About ten minutes after I arrived, I offered literature to a young African-American woman on her way in and told her that there had recently been a medical emergency at this location, and that she could get help at the Aid for Women pregnancy center on Michigan Avenue," Janson wrote.  

"She accepted the literature but continued walking, and then opened the door.  At that point, I said, 'Even if you go in, you can still change your mind.'"

He writes that about 15 minutes later, the woman emerged from the clinic and smiled at him before returning to a vehicle and sharing a long embrace with another woman before leaving.

Sidewalk counseling can save lives. While many women may not listen, sincere words of kindness coupled with life-affirming options can make a difference.