May 27, 2020

Pro-Abortion Group Calls on FDA to Seize Websites Advertising Abortion Pill Reversal

Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash
A pro-abortion group calling itself Campaign for Accountability (CFA) sent a letter on May 20 to the FDA asking the government to seize websites belonging to pro-life groups for advertising abortion pill reversal.

Abortion pill reversal is a process in which a woman takes progesterone to counteract the effects of mifepristone, the first part of the abortion pill regiment. Mifepristone works by blocking a pregnant mother's natural progesterone, which is vital to delivering nutrients and oxygen to an unborn child. By replacing the blocked progesterone quickly after a woman has taken mifepristone, some children who would otherwise be aborted can be saved.

Pro-lifers were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the situation. Abortion Pill Rescue Medical Advisor Dr. Brent Boles told Live Action News, “There are over 20,000 medications approved for use in America by the FDA. A very small number of them have restrictions on their prescribing. All the others are okay for off-label use. But there are 57 drugs that are limited by REMS [Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy].”

Dr. Boles added, “… Only 57 out of more than 20,000 are sufficiently dangerous to require that. Mifeprex [the abortion pill] is one of those drugs, and abortion activists criticize the off-label use of progesterone while also wanting to ignore the restrictions on one of the 57 most dangerous drugs available.”

Abortion advocates have been working to get around FDA restrictions on the abortion pill for a while (with some success). This caused pro-life organizations to call on the FDA to seize websites selling abortion pills from overseas and shipping them to U.S. residents without them even having to visit a doctor. This is required of the abortion pill regiment so that doctors have the chance to diagnose conditions such as ectopic pregnancy. If a woman with an ectopic pregnancy attempts to abort via the abortion pill, she is likely to face serious injury or death.

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