May 22, 2020

Granite City Abortion Clinic Hospitalizes Second Patient in Six Weeks

Photo Credit: Operation Rescue
Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, IL, which hospitalized one of its patients on March 28, hospitalized yet another patient during the COVID-19 crisis on May 7.

In the most recent incident, a woman had a seizure during a surgical abortion procedure and required emergency transport to a hospital. To make the situation worse, the procedure was taking place on the second floor of the facility, and the elevator was out. This meant emergency personnel needed to carry the suffering patient downstairs before loading her into an ambulance.

Just like the previous incident, this patient was then transported to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. There is an Illinois hospital directly across the street from Hope Clinic, but the abortion clinic presumably does not have admitting privileges there.

Sadly, a pro-life onlooker saw the same woman come back to the clinic the following day to complete a surgical abortion.

This marks the third time this blog has covered an Operation Rescue story about an Illinois clinic hospitalizing a woman during the COVID-19 pandemic (the second time for this clinic alone). Operation Rescue also wrote about an incident requiring the hospitalization of a woman at Family Planning Associates in Chicago on March 6. Chicago is by far the area hit hardest by COVID-19.

Abortion clinics should never have received special permission to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic when real medical facilities were forced to remain closed under Governor Pritzker's orders. The governor did not have the best interest of his political allies in mind rather than the people of Illinois.

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