May 28, 2020

Friends of Norma McCorvey Say FX Documentary Creates an Inaccurate Picture of "Jane Roe"

Norma McCorvey
Photo Credit: Lorie Shaull / Flickr
Friends of Norma McCorvey recently spoke out about McCorvey's life and how they believed the recent documentary "AKA Jane Roe" documentary by FX inaccurately portrayed McCorvey's life. Among other things, the documentary alleges that pro-life advocates took advantage of McCorvey by paying her to make pro-life statements she didn't actually believe.

Karen Garnett, who used to be the executive director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, became friends with Norma when they met at pro-life events. Garnett told Live Action News that McCorvey was given honorariums for speaking at events, which filmmaker Nick Sweeney likely classified as "paying McCorvey off" in order to make his point. Garnett also said on The Van Maren Show that McCorvey's health was declining due to all the traveling she had to do for events, so the committee gave donations to her McCorvey would allow her to continue being an activist while traveling less.

Minister Flip Benham told Live Action News that when he spoke with McCorvey while she still worked at an abortion clinic, he told her the same thing that he told all abortion workers: “If you come out, we’ll take care of you. You will not be left alone. We’ll help you find a job.”

“We Took Care of her,” Benham said. 

Rev. Patrick Mahoney said on The Van Maren Show, “Norma has been abused enough [in] her life. For these documentarians on her deathbed to abuse her and take advantage of her one more time was truly repugnant and really disheartening. And I couldn’t be more upset with them.”