May 1, 2020

Court Orders Pro-Life Undercover Investigators to Pay Over $1.5 Million in Baby Body Parts Case

Pro-Life Undercover Investigator David Daleiden
Credit: American Life League / Flickr
Following the six-week trial that took place in November of last year, a San Fransisco Judge has now ordered pro-life defendants sued by Planned Parenthood for recording conversations that were supposedly private to pay over $1.5 million. This number will be even larger once it includes Planned Parenthood's attorney fees.

The pro-life undercover investigators found to be "joint and severally liable" by the court include Operation Rescue President Troy Newman; David Daleiden, who became the face of the undercover investigation; Sandra Merritt; Albin Rhomberg; and Gerardo Adrian Lopez.

The undercover investigators working with the Center for Medical Progress released videos in 2015 showcasing their conversations with Planned Parenthood abortionists. The investigators posed as potential buyers for baby body parts, and abortionists working for Planned Parenthood detailed what their procedures were for procuring intact body parts from children. Some of these conversations revealed that abortionists would go out of their way to alter an abortion procedure to make sure body parts remained intact and usable by interested buyers.

The $1.5 million includes reimbursement for Planned Parenthood security upgrades the abortion company purchased after realizing they had been recorded.

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