May 13, 2020

BBC Uses Woman's Out-of-State Elective Abortion to Argue States Should Not Restrict Abortion During COVID-19

Photo Credit: Jess C / Flickr
In an article titled: "Coronavirus: Texas banned abortions - how did that affect women?" BBC News used a woman who traveled out of state to get an elective abortion for her child who was diagnosed with a condition called skeletal dysplasia as an argument for why elective abortion should be available during a pandemic when many other services remain restricted or unavailable.

The woman the article references says she was told by doctors that skeletal dysplasia was “incompatible with life” and they would die upon birth, but not all instances of skeletal dysplasia are deadly. There are many mutations of it, and it is even possible for doctors to misdiagnose them. BBC may be arguing that the child would have died anyway, and this woman's inability to legally abort her child in the state of Texas caused her emotional trauma, but there can always be a chance that the child would survive the pregnancy. Now the mother has to live with the fact that her child wasn't given a chance at all in addition to knowing they were diagnosed with a harmful condition.

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