April 29, 2020

Planned Parenthood in New York City Hospitalizes Patient During COVID-19 Pandemic

A Planned Parenthood clinic hospitalized a patient in New York City last week, forcing emergency medical workers in the largest hotspot in the country to respond to a completely unnecessary injury. 

Operation Rescue reported that the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood in New York City had to load one of its patients into a Mount Sinai Hospital ambulance on April 24, 2020. A video recorded by a pro-life bystander shows New York Fire Department personnel with an additional ambulance helping to load the patient into the Mount Sinai Hospital ambulance.

New York's state government ordered that all non-essential surgeries be postponed during the COVID-19 outbreak, but it falsely classifies abortion as an essential medical service. While many workers, including medical workers, lost their jobs during the outbreak, Planned Parenthood continues to profit from its deadly work.