April 30, 2020

Louisiana Clinic Hospitalizes Woman While Defying Temporary Abortion Ban

Even during a state order that is supposed to temporarily shut down abortion businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak, an abortion clinic in Louisiana not only continued to do business but hospitalized a patient.

The Women's Health Center in New Orleans, Louisiana was supposed to be closed due to an emergency order from the state. Several states have chosen to ban elective medical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic to slow the spread of the coronavirus and lessen the strain on medical equipment like surgical masks. Louisiana was one of those states, but abortionists continued business as usual.

On April 21, the Women's Health Center hospitalized one of its patients. A pro-life activist outside the clinic provided a photo to Operation Rescue showing an African American woman in a gurney being loaded into an ambulance. The organization attempted to learn more by filing a public records request, but it was rejected by the New Orleans City Attorney’s office.

Abortion clinics don't only hurt their patients when they continue their deadly procedures during a pandemic, they put an unnecessary strain on emergency medical workers and put even more people at risk.

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