March 19, 2020

Google Employee Files $5 Million Countersuit Against Pro-Life Advocate He Assaulted on Video

Screenshot of Quinn Chasan from Gribbin's video
Micheal Gribbin sued Head of Customer Analytics for Google Cloud Quinn Chasan last year for allegedly assaulting him outside a Planned Parenthood clinic. Gribbin even recorded video evidence of the event. Now, Chasan has filed a $5 million countersuit for battery, violation of D.C. “hate crime” laws, and causing “severe and extreme pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish.”

On August 31, Gribbin was writing pro-life messages with chalk on a sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood clinic. Chasan stole Gribbin's chalk and proceeded to walk away and insult Gribbin while he followed; recording their conversation on his phone. A physical altercation followed; a recording of which Gribbin released to the public.

“This is absurd. Michael Gribbin is a victim, not an assailant. There is no way his actions after before, during, or after the assault caused Chasan $5 million in damages,” said Catholic University of America professor Dr. Michael New according to Life Site News. “Furthermore, any negative consequences incurred by Chasan are the direct result of his own misconduct. It is my hope that the judge dismisses Chasan’s countersuit as frivolous.”

Failure to convict Chasan of assault could result in pro-abortion advocates feeling empowered to physically attack pro-life activists in the future.

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